Hanna and Emily – Carwash

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In this second joint set, Hanna is joined by Emily. After their roadtrip to the canyon for their amazing photoshoot, as was said – someone had to wash the car, and it was Hanna and Emily who were volunteered.  This wonderful set is the result. As a special treat this is also available as a video and combined photo and video pack


Hanna & Emily - Car Wash




To purchase this wonderful set, visit the multi model pages in the store.

“Welcome to Hanna’s World” Messages

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Some people may have noticed they received emails welcoming them to Hanna’s World, thanking them for signing up and telling then that their account is active. I got one too and I noticed that it was sending me to a login page at https:/hanna-world.org/blogstore That is the new upgraded site that I am currently building and this evening I started the export of data from this site to the new one in preparation for a move which will happen in a few weeks time.
We will continue to operate with this site while I make the finishing touches to the new one. And if you look at the new site there will be sections which are not yet finished. But when the upgrade is finished we should have some improvements from this site one of which will be speed of the site and another will be better reliability of downloads for photo sets and videos. Plus improvements to things like the download credits system.
In the mean time, Hanna says stay cool and have fun where you can. It is summer and it is the best time of the year.  See our Instagram page




Super Offers – Download Credits and More



We can now add some more offers into the options for people to choose as gifts when they buy download credits either with bitcoins or through a card purchase.

This month we add two more super gifts. One is a new set of Louise and the second is a set from Hanna. And what we will do now is to build a catalogue of super gifts that people can choose when they buy download credits.


This is how it will work:

Anybody buying $50 of download credits can choose one gift. Anybody buying $100 of download credits can choose two gifts. When you buy a download credit pack we will send you an email and you can make your choice of gifts from the the following items.

A super set featuring Louise




A super set featuring Emily and Delia

Any photo set from our shop



Any video from our shop

A super photo set featuring Hanna



A super video featuring Delia and Emily


Also, please note, we now have a new twitter account, if you would like to follow us please go to Hanna-World_Net




Afina – Set 01

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Say hello to gorgeous new model Afina.  This stunning first set from her is a wonderful school uniform set, which you can purchase as just a photoset, or as a combined photoset and video.


Afina Video Set 01


Visit Afina’s page in the store to purchase this wonderful set.