Celebrate Our New Site – A Special Offer

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Now that we are at our new site it is time to celebrate with a very special offer. We will run the offer for at least two weeks from today and then we will see how things are.

We will also extend the offer back to any purchases that people have already made in October.

It goes like this.


For every set or video that you buy at the normal price, by download credit or another payment method, you can take another set or video from our special offer range(**) for free.

When you have made your order and checked out at the shop simply send an email to admin@hanna-world.org and tell us what special offer item you would like to take for free.

** For this offer our special offer range extends to any photo set, video or combined bundle that was originally released before the end of August 2017. **

  • If you buy a photo set you can take a photo set or video for free
  • If you buy a video then you can take a video or photo set for free
  • If you buy a combined photo set and video bundle then you can take a combined photo set and video bundle for free
  • You can buy as many items as you like with this offer – for every item you buy, take another matching item for free!!

We hope you enjoy!!


The small print: Unfortunately, we can not extend this offer to download credits – no matter how much we would like to.


To take advantage of this offer get over to hanna-world.org

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