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Celebrate Our New Site – A Special Offer

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Now that we are at our new site it is time to celebrate with a very special offer. We will run the offer for at least two weeks from today and then we will see how things are.

We will also extend the offer back to any purchases that people have already made in October.

It goes like this.


For every set or video that you buy at the normal price, by download credit or another payment method, you can take another set or video from our special offer range(**) for free.

When you have made your order and checked out at the shop simply send an email to and tell us what special offer item you would like to take for free.

** For this offer our special offer range extends to any photo set, video or combined bundle that was originally released before the end of August 2017. **

  • If you buy a photo set you can take a photo set or video for free
  • If you buy a video then you can take a video or photo set for free
  • If you buy a combined photo set and video bundle then you can take a combined photo set and video bundle for free
  • You can buy as many items as you like with this offer – for every item you buy, take another matching item for free!!

We hope you enjoy!!


The small print: Unfortunately, we can not extend this offer to download credits – no matter how much we would like to.


To take advantage of this offer get over to

New Site News

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Now all our updates are happening at the new site –

For any customers who have download credits on this site we can either transfer your credits to the new site or you can continue to use them here. Let us know what you would prefer to do by sending an email to

Emails – we will keep the emails for this site active so you can still email us via the Contact Us links on this site.

Special Offers – look out for some very special offers soon over at the new site, we want to celebrate the move and give something back to our customers.



We’ve moved………

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As we have been saying recently, we have outgrown this original server capacity and have been getting a new store and forum ready which we hope you will like.


Both are now ready and open and we will no longer be updating this original site.


Samples of our latest sets can now be found on our new forum:  CLICK HERE

All past and new sets can be purchased from our new store : CLICK HERE

Have a look round both and let us know what you think on our new forum. All membership details and account credits have been transferred to our new store, but you will have to re-register on the forum. Please use the same username you have for the store and we will then know who our friends are from here,


A New Model?

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We have the possibility to add a new models to the girls who appear on the site but we wanted to get some opinion from our friends and customers before we make a final decision. The model is a little bit younger than our other models so we just wanted to know what people think from an age perspective as much as anything else. You can send your thoughts to us via email at

We have a few more test photos if people would like to view, you can get them from the email address too.


And while I am here, some more news too. We are almost ready to open up our new site. It is just a few bits of final fine tuning and we will be ready.

We have the forum – click here

and we have the shop site – click here


Take a look and tell us what you think.

We’re Moving !!

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As you all know – we have been having some “fun” with our original server for a couple of months now and the staff here have been sorting out a new home for our site and store.


Our new promotion and chat forum is now open. In future all our samples will be posted there, together with special offers and more for friends of our models. You will need to re-register over there, and if you can use the same username you use here, which have already been exported to the new blogstore as has been said, then we will know you as one of our friends from here.


You will find the new forum at :  .  We would love to see all our friends from here join us there.

Afina Set 02

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Our second new set this week is the second set from our new model Afina. Shot outside on the balcony it features 136 photos of Afina as a black angel with a smouldering style. To buy this set go to Afina’s photos section in our shop –